Ranbir canal attract residents to get relief from humid weather


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After the relief for few days from scorching heat, mercury again rose in the city. Humidity and power curtailments in the Jammu have forced the local residents to turn towards historic Ranbir Canal.To seek refuge from the heat wave, a number of people, particularly children and youth, reached Ranbir Canal where heavy rush was witnessed today.Ranbir Canal a tributary of Chenab river is the most favoured and visited spot on hot days.

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“This is just a kms ride away from our home. You can’t stay inside your home when the power plays hide and seek as it is doing these days. What better place other than this, can you think of to have an outing with your family on holiday”, Ashok Sharma, who had come with his family, said.Aarti , a teenager, said the canal is the only place in the city to get relief from the heat and on every hot day she comes here along with her family members.Suresh Kumar, a resident of Raghunath Bazar, said cool water had attracted his family to spend a day out. Kulbir Singh, a resident of Bakshi Nagar, said the canal was the only place of the city that could help provide relief from the heat and loadshedding.

Jumping in the water of canal is regular exercise for youth to maintain their body temperature, while some non swimmers seem to be dependent on the tyre tubes.Not only the swimmers seem to enjoy the cool ripples of water but families were also seen picking up their share from this merriment by dipping their feet in the cool moving waters of canal.People were seen covering their faces and carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from direct sunlight.As per the meteorological department weather forecast, the weather will remain dry and day temperature will also increase in coming few days.


By CJ Anuj