Ranbir School students seen ENTERING the school premises instead of LEAVING


Puneet Gupta – Pun Intended

Breaking from what is routine, students of Ranbir Boys higher Secondary school were spotted entering the school premises as against normally leaving it during daytime. These images which have been circulating like wildfire on various social media websites has sent even the authorities into a tizzy that insiders claim is unimaginable.

Highly unreliable inside informer says that Ranbir Boys Higher Secondary School has had a reputation for years where students skip classes and casually bunk school through the multiple exit points that suit students of different heights and agility.

The problem at the school has always been a highly mismatched teacher-student ratio with upto 80 students in a section or even more. It becomes tad difficult for the teacher to keep a tab on all the students.


The shorter guys are not allowed to sit in the front by the bullies of the class and complain that the teacher is not audible at the back of the class. This is why the Shorter guys bunk school.

However, the bunking rate goes up sharply on friday for the morning show of even the worst of movies.

The students also rue the fact that the A,B and C (Golden) sections are given all the attention by the teachers and this is the biggest reason why students from the lower sections bunk school.

With all this information as background, new debates have begun doing the rounds where self-proclaimed specialists are providing insights, that nobody cares about in general, on why there is a sudden change in the aforementioned behaviour of the students.

Here are the images of the boys entering secretly in the school premises from the Back-gate.


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