Randeep Hooda to launch gyms where you can exercise for Rs 99 per hour


Randeep Hooda is not just an actor par excellence, he is also an equestrian and a fitness freak. And to help others get in shape without having to spend a bomb, he is soon launching a chain of gyms with a unique membership. Hooda who is the co-owner of Body Building India (BBI), is about to launch Gym 99 where the membership for an hour to exercise will only be Rs 99. The gym will first be launched in Delhi and later, there are plans to offer this service to other cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Gurgaon and more.

Gym 99 will have equipment and machines imported from Europe and US and will also have supplements to buy especially for women. The concept is to have smartcards that can be loaded with money and can be swiped at these gyms to avail of the services. With Rs 99, you get an hour of workout time.

Randeep wants regular people to exercise and many a times, people take gym memberships and do not end up going and waste their money. With this concept, they can hit the gym whenever they want and even if they skip, they don’t have to worry about wasting any money. Gym 99 will be launched soon but we do not have any information about the dates yet.

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