Rasana Murder Case: Cross examination of witness ‘Yousf’ Reveals Shocking Details


Missing page of Yousf’s statement filed in court; 4 witnesses likely to be produced by CBJ today;


Pathankot, Jul 6: Mr. A.K. Sawhney Advocate today completed the cross examination of Mohd Yousf the so called father in the Rassana Murder Case.
Meanwhile the copy of the complaint moved by Mr. Mohd. Yousf on the basis of which FIR was lodged and admitted by the prosecutor that inadvertently the exact date 12-01-2018 was missing. However Mohd. Yousf has denied any complaint filed at Police Station on Jan 12th. According to Mohd. Yousf the so called father of miss ‘X’ (name withheld) said that it was on Jan 11th that he filed the complaint and not on Jan 12th and date is wrong. Another missing page of statement of Mohd. Yousf also admitted by Prosecutor that inadvertently Page No 422 of the Mohd. Yousf’s statement and fresh copy of statement was produced in the court.
Mr Sawhney appeared alongwith Mr. Anil Sharma Advocate for one of the accused and will commence the cross examination of further witnesses at 12:00 PM on July 7th 2018.

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