Ration increases but do you know the Break up?

Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU, MARCH 15: In a major decision on the National Food Security Act, the State Administrative Council (SAC) yesterday took decision on the National Food Security by increasing in allocation of ration from 5 kg to 7 kg per person for Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Priority Sector Households (PSH) providing elief to a vast majority of people across the state.

This is such a unique step taken by the state as they will have to bear the burden of procuring additional quantity of food grains pursuant to the revision in the scale of ration, which is beyond the Food Act level.

The SAC, which met here under the chairmanship of Governor NN Vohra, accorded sanction to the provision of additional food grains at 2 kg per head, over and above the Food Act entitlement of 5 kg per person, for 17.85 lakh individuals in the BPL and PSH categories up to a family size of six.

The additional 2 kg per head shall be priced at a subsidised rate of Rs 12 per kg of rice and Rs 10 per kg of wheat.

A five-member BPL family will now be entitled to get 35 kg food grains for just Rs 195 (5 kg rice at Rs 3 per kg plus 2 kg rice at Rs 12 per kg) as compared to Rs 224 at Rs 6.40 per kg.

A five-member non-BPL family under the priority category will have to shell Rs 275 (25 kg rice at Rs 3 per kg and additional 10 kg at Rs 20 per kg) as compared to Rs 350 at Rs10 per kg spent earlier.

The spokesperson further said yesterdays decision will provide basic need to 13.77 lakh individuals in the Antyodaya Anna Yojana category.

A family under the AAY will only need to spend Rs 105 per month to procure 35 kg of food grains, said the spokesperson.

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