Recipe: Dogri Cuisine, Kiyoor


Food is something which overpowers all the senses and if we talk about our Dogri cuisine, you will get a flash of thoughts in your mind ranging from butter gliding over the paranthas to the satin-smooth Ambal. There is another dish called “Ghyoor” which is actually a famous pancake or it can be eaten as a snack with a dip.

Ghyoor has a very important role in weddings as well. It is considered auspicious to feed it to the bridegroom when he comes to bride’s home on the wedding day.

Ghyoor is something which cannot be found in restaurants so to those who have not tried it yet. Do not delay.

200 Gms Maida( Refined Flour)
Water as required
Ghee (clarified butter) to fry
Sugar- as per taste
A flat bottom non stick pan.

1. Mix water in the Maida to make the batter and keep an eye over the consistency of the batter, it should not be thin enough to drip from the fingers.

  1. Now is the time to add powdered/castor sugar to the batter, but you can also skip it as per your choice.
  2. Allow the pan to heat and put some ghee on it, the quantity of the ghee used must be more than the one which is used normally used for sautéing.
  3. Dip your fingers into the batter and then make nest like pattern on the pan which should be more circular in shape.
  4. In order to make it visually appealing, you can make a boundary for the ghyoor so as to give it a nearly round shape.
  5. Cook this mesh for approximately 2 minutes until it turn a little brown. Do not flip the ghyoor not even by mistake. It is supposed to be cooked on one side down only.
  6. Carefully remove the mesh with the help of a spatula
  7. Sprinkle grained sugar on the mesh as per your taste. This will bring the crunchy flavour and sweet flavour to the ghyoor.

You can replace sugar with salt.

And instead of ghee,oil can be used.

Repeat the procedure to make every ghyoor until the whole batter finishes.

Enjoy it with your family and friends.