Record number of gymnasts to compete in Nanning


Nanning (China): The Nanning Gymnastics World Championships will be a record-breaking event with a total of 619 gymnasts from 73 countries and regions competing in 14 medal events.

With 619 gymnasts competing in Nanning, the 585-gymnast record set at the 2003 worlds in Anaheim has been beaten, reports Xinhua.

Nanning will also host some 650 photographers, print media and television journalists which is a new record in media presence covering gymnastics worlds.

Among the 619 gymnasts, there are 343 men and 276 women. The average age for males is 22.89 years, while for females it is 18.96 years, according to FIG (Fortress Investment Group) statistics.

Logistically, organisers have rallied their efforts to outfit the entire city of three million in the event colours, creating hubs at strategic places throughout the city to map out an “Olympic” lane for officials and delegations.

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