Recruitment in Jammu University ridden with malpractices


Jammu Kashmir News|VC JU R D Sharma welcomed members of Academic Council and apprised them about developments, achievements of Jammu University, Jammu and Kashmir News| Jammu News| Kashmir News| Jammu University| JUThe recruitment in administrative and clerical posts has always been nothing sort of a scam in Jammu university with influential politicians, bureaucrats, university employees, and professors managing to get their near and dear ones recruited for permanent jobs. It does not matter if the blue-eyed candidates meet requisite criteria, and qualification because these can be changed, and goal posts shifted to accommodate them. The recent decision of Jammu university to re-advertise the post of Assistant Registrars smacks of indifference, and favouritism. Investigations into the entire affair reveal how affairs in the university are mismanaged , and manipulated to hire favourites who may or may not be qualified at the cost of those who are deserving.

University clerks, section heads, lecturers and employee union leaders who have influence with the top leadership in the university and government manage these wrongdoings giving two hoots to the rule of law. Around 400 candidates who appeared for three posts have been waiting after they took the paper but they have not been called for interview as the officials found that there were lot of discrepancies in the criteria for recruitment, and there was ambiguity.

The Jammu University as such also sought legal advice, and after that it was decided that posts would have to be advertized again to ensure probity in recruitment.

This however will now allow freshly qualified candidates to compete for these jobs, and might further delay the hiring process. Candidates meanwhile want a honest process which hires the best talent, and not those who are rich, and affluent.

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