For rehabilitation put life in administration: Moza


Terming the response and the conduct of relief operations by the state government as confused, sluggish and bereft of purposeful direction, BJP state Spokesperson Lalit Moza (Adv.) said that in addition to the efforts of relief and rehabilitation, the government must first fully make its administrative machinery operational and put life in it. The administrative machinery at the grass root level has totally vanished because of the unprecedented floods in the valley. The government should as an extra ordinary emergency measure make arrangements for providing shelter to the grass root staff so that they are able to perform their duties effectively and purposefully. Moza added that it was Govt. of India which rose to the occasion and conducted a massive airlift operation ferrying relief and rescuing equipment with specialized personnel to the valley and taking out rescued people. The Central government is ready to render every kind of assistance that the state government may demand, be it ensuring and creating hygienic environment which has been greatly affected due to the dead carcasses of cattle and the slush that has engulfed all the marooned areas or ensuring supply of portable drinking water, emergency health facilities etc. The exact nature of the requirement of each area can be known only to the local working staff and when such staff is functioning then the real rehabilitation of the victims will commence.

There is dearth of the goodwill of the country for the victims of the floods but that goodwill can be effectively utilized only when the local administration is operational, genuinely committed to the cause of the affected people and the mitigation of their hardships.

Moza said that NGOs, various voluntary self help groups and other organizations can render helping hand but ultimately the responsibility for enabling the people to overcome the devastation that their lives have suffered rests with the state government. The BJP led Central government has extended magnificently a helping hand to the state government and it is for the state government to utilize it and discharge its duty

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