Reliance Jio’s big announcement on July 21: Here’s what all you can expect

Reliance Industries is holding its annual general meeting (AGM) on July 21 where Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani could make an important announcement related to Reliance Jio. The Jio announcement is likely to be “customer-centric”, according to a source.
Though Jio has not hinted anything in particular as yet, there are strong rumours regarding what could be in store for Jio users. Here’s what can happen on July 21:

Cheapest 4G Phone: The company is expected to launch a 4G feature phone . In an earlier report, we even shared a few leaked pictures of a device that looks like a feature phone but has ‘Lyf’ branding on it. Considering that Reliance Jio is only operates on 4G networks, this will be the first 4G feature to be launched by the company.
Since a normal feature phone is not equipped to handle 4G spectrum, the expected feature phone might come with a basic Qualcomm chipset from its 200 series.
The phone is expected to be priced at Rs 500, despite an estimated production cost of Rs 1,500. This feat will be achievable only if the company subsidises the devices to expand the relatively stagnant 4G market.
The leaked images of the phone show feature phone will a camera module with a 2Megapixel camera on the rear and a torch as well.

Cheaper tariffs: Other than the device, Reliance Jio is expected to share new data plans with its customer base. For a populace which purchases a phone worth Rs 500, a data plan of Rs 350 or Rs 400 wouldn’t make much sense, which is why Jio is also expected to launch more data plans that are much smaller and cheaper.
A recent development also suggests that the Mukesh-Ambani led company might do away with all the free offers and introduce ‘minimum floor’ rates.
Minimum floor price , for both data and voice calls, has been demanded by a section of incumbent telecom operators, but implementing it could mean an end to freebies in the market. The tariffs are currently under forbearance giving telcos virtually a free hand in fixing the rates and they report plans to Trai within 7 days of launch.

JioFiber: This new announcement from Reliance Jio about JioFiber is expected to shake-up the broadband industry of the nation. Earlier this year, the company announced that they will be launching JioFiber in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat and Vadodara for free under its JioFiber Preview Offer.
Last week, a picture was posted on Reddit, showing us a glimpse of what the JioFiber plans might look like. The image shows that the company will be offering 100Mbps speed with a cap of 100GB per month at Rs 0 for 3 months.
The data is free but the user will have to pay Rs 4,500 for the installation.
However, even this amount can be refunded later, according to the company. One of the biggest factor with the new service will be a free-period of three months.
Later when the offer period ends, the broadband service prices are expected to start at Rs 500 for 600 GB data and for 1000 GB data at 100Mbps speed subscribers would be required to pay Rs 2,000 a month.