Remove offensive words from matadors or pay fine: Regional Transport Authority

Jammu, September 12: Expressing its resentment  against the offensive words and expressions written on the body of matadors, the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) has issued an order warning either to remove them or pay fine.

“Currently there are 2,000 matadors running on different routes and most of the matadors have offensive things written on their body. Such indecent words and expressions are having a bad effect on the society. We have given them 15 days to rectify everything. If they do not follow our orders they have to pay fine,” explained A K Khajuria Secretary of RTA.

Earlier, on 29th June, 2016 High Court had issued an order clearly stating that there will be a colour code for matadors running on one  route, drivers and conductors will have to wear a proper uniform and there will be reserved seats for women.

Anil Chopra Chairman of Mini Bus Workers ‘Association has welcomed the decision of RTA.

Meanwhile, here are some examples of what the RTA wants removed

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This guy who likes to drive around in a VEST and not in Uniform
This guy who calls everyone baby. Just so you know, calling a female ‘Baby’ without her will can amount to Harassment
This Devil Who is a Fukra
This No. 1 guy
This Fukra who likes to call his bus a ‘Red Fish’
This one who likes everyone in the world to know about Ananya
Billo Yaarian? What was this guy even thinking?
What is Miss Apple Suggestive of?
No Words Matador-Ghalib
Everyone knows what 1 4 3 is intended at
Of course the Poetic Pois”i”on Waala

One thought on “Remove offensive words from matadors or pay fine: Regional Transport Authority

  • September 14, 2016 at 1:31 am

    Steps to a suffocating and puristic society. Unless such stuff actually offends someone and leads to a police complaint, there is no sense in removing such quotes and verses. None of these is racial, sexist, or communal. Drivers have a tendency of personalizing their vehicles by decorating them n giving them names; snatching these small joys from them is uncalled for and dictatorial. Instead of taking the aforementioned steps, drivers/conductors should be instructed better to follow traffic rules properly and not to over speed or overload


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