JAMMU: Lambasting the BJP for the bias perpetuated against Jammu region after its ascendance to power including the extension in the scope of discrimination to cover the Jammu based KAS officers, chairman of the party and former minister Harshdev Singh regretted that hardly two KAS officers of Jammu region had been posted as Deputy Commissioners as against 10 Kashmir based KAS officers posted as DCs in 10 different districts.

Giving the details, Singh pointed out that out of 10 Kashmir districts, 8 were headed by local KAS officers and two by IAS officers with one of the said IAS officers also being a KAS inductee. And similarly he said, that out of 10 districts in Jammu region 8 were headed by IAS officers and remaining two by KAS officers of the so called “Chenab Valley”. Not only that even the Kashmir Divisional Commissioner was also a KAS officer which revealed the priority given by the PDP-BJP Govt to local officers of the KAS rank of Kashmir region. Contrarily not a single Jammu based minority community KAS officer had been given such posting despite the BJP’s chest thumping and claiming itself to be the champion of Jammu cause.

Further pointing towards the highly egregious nomenclature given to the State Administrative services as KAS and KPS, Singh sought the renaming and rechristening of the same as JKAS and JKPS. Asserting that it would be a misnomer to call the said services as KAS and KPS, Singh said that identity of Jammu region could no longer be allowed to be pushed into the oblivion. He called upon the BJP Ministers to refresh their memories and give a peep into the days of their opposition when they would create huge jangle and rattle in the Assembly on such issues.

Harshdev Singh further castigated the BJP Ministers for their failure to agitate the real issue of JKPS officers in the cabinet regarding their stagnation for the last eight years. He said that despite the vacancies of at least 50 posts of IPS for induction from the quota of KPS (JKPS), no action had been taken for the last eight years to induct such local officers.

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