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Akshi Babbar, the artist behind the latest painting exhibition in Abhinav Theatre which was inaugurated by Film Star Anupam kher. Akshi, all of 24, strongly thinks that abstract art is left to the understanding of the critic itself and does not have a particular meaning. She likes her work to have the same meaning for all and says that even if some people may say that it is commercialization of art, to her it is important that the viewer should share what she wants to depict.

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One may even say that Art has no money, but even at this young age, Askhi has sold paintings for as much as what seasoned artists have been able to achieve. So if you are good, you can make it big.

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How would you feel if you see a painting made by you hanging on the wall of the house of a Bollywood actor?

Don’t know? Well, Akshi Babbar surely does.

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Years ago, Akshi started painting as a hobby and last month only, her solo painting exhibition was inaugurated at Abhinav Art Gallery by veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher.  Anupam Kher not just inaugurated the exhibition but also applauded her talent . Akshi Babbar got a chance to present a “Sketch” of the actor to him and he even purchased a painting out of the 25 paintings on display.

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She loved to paint as a kid but at that age painting, drawing, sketching etc were just hobby. She never took it seriously until one day.

She had finished class 12th examinations and was waiting for her results. She had asked her mom, a colonel in the Armed Forces, that she wanted to learn oil painting. Her mother readily agreed and she joined painting classes.

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“After joining painting classes, I came to know that Painting now-a-days is not just a hobby. People make a good career out of it. There are Art colleges and you can get a professional degree in it. This was the time I decided that I want to pursue painting as my profession,” Akshi said.

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Akshi was lucky enough to pass the entrance test of Government College of Fine Arts, Punjab University, in first attempt as people try to get through GCA for years together. Here, she was exposed to the vast world of art. She learnt all types of painting and now after completing Bachelors and Masters in fine Arts and her six years stay in Chandigarh, Akshi is presently in Jammu as her mother’s posted here.

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During Chandigarh Arts College days, she participated in Chandigarh Culture Heritage Festival, 2014 and Annual Art Exhibition, Art College 2014 and got an opportunity to take lessons from a number of contemporary painters of the country.

Akshi made her first painting in class 9th and last month only, she got a golden opportunity to exhibit her paintings in the Abhinav Art Gallery, which was inaugurated by Anupam Kher where her paintings were not just praised but also bought by several people.

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When asked about what kind of paintings she likes to make, Akshi said that she likes to paint model with different expressions which should depict something happy or a message. She wants people to feel happy after a single glance at her work. She doesn’t understand the idea of abstract paintings. For her, this concept is all a lie.

“You can’t tell anyone that the painting has no set meaning. A painter paints it with something in his/her mind,” Akshi said.

Another main highlight of her art is that it is not just restricted to canvas and color. Akshi tries using different things to make her painting more appealing like newspaper cuttings, wax and other stuff.  Her inspiration is society and she paints whatever appeals to the masses.

Though we would not directly write on how much her paintings cost, but as a small hint, we can assure you that if she sells two paintings in a month, that is more than the salary of a vast majority of people in our state.

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