Renzushah presides over grand Sufi conference in Srinagar

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Grand Sufi Conference and recitation of Sufi Poetry was held at Eidgah area in Ganderpora, in which galaxy of scholars, poets participated. Khwaja Farooq Renzushah presided over the prestigious conference which was organized by Sufi Cultural Trust to release  the book of living one Hundred eleven years old Sufi Legend Hazrat Gul Doon. Mir Mushtaq, President of the Trust, Abdul Ahad \Farahad, Professor Masoodi, Mohamad Ayoub, Jan Mohamad Ibn Gul Doon  spoke on the occasion.

Mushtaq, in his address appreciated the contribution of Khwaja Renzushah in rebuilding the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Bulbul Shah after the gap of three centuries and naming of Down Town as Sheher-e-Khas of Srinagar City.  While addressing the delegates, Scholars and intellectuals Khwaja Renzushah, Chairman of Kashmir society, Jammu and Kashmir emphasized on the revival of our age old Civilization and its Culture. He said that during his tenure as D.C Budgam, the name of Sheikh-ul-Alam was given to the Srinagar International Airport and it was officially accepted on various websites of Air India and Airport Authority. The name boards were also installed inside and outside the Airport. He appealed that the name of the International Sheikh-ul-Alam airport should be maintained and all National and International Air lines should be asked to officially accept this name.
He said their is no need to change the name of Shankarachariya Hills as the name is assigned to it centuries before and religious sentiments of Hindu Brothers are associated with it. He said that Kashmiri Muslims have always played vital role to protect the religious sites of other communities. He appreciated concern of. Vinod Pandita, President of Migrant Association and other Migrant associations, and assured them that we are here to respect their genuine sentiments. He said that authorities have already announced that they have no such planes accordingly. SMC and TDC & other departments should make necessary corrections in their websites with immediate effect. He said that we believe that in entire Sub-continent there should be no scope of hatred and conflict in the name of religion. He said Kashmir has always shown right way to the people of the world when they had lost their paths in darkness of religious bigotry and communal frenzy. He further asked that all the pending bills of universities and the protection of temples of minority brothers and all Shrines of Muslims and other religious sites should be passed in entire J&K so that mutual love and brotherhood is further strengthened.

People who spoke on this occasion included Gulshan Sopori, Khazir Mohammad Khazir, Mir Mushtaq , Faqir Mohammad, Basharat Banday, Shah Kumar, Habibullah Gashru, Tanha Gulshan ji , Zahida, Mohataram Jaaji Ji, Mohammad Abdullah Faqir Shamasabadi and Rehman Dar.

By : CJ Rafiq