Reprimand issued: ‘Unverified’ staff statement by CEOs puts transfers orders of 169 teachers on hold

Jammu, August 1: The Directorate of School Education, Jammu (DSEJ) was forced to put the transfers and adjustments notice of 169 employees of State’s School Education Department when the Chief Education Officers of two districts, Rajouri and Udhampur sent a staff statements which was ‘unverified’.

CEO of Rajouri, Abdul Hamid Fani and CEO of Udhampur, Bishan Singh forwarded an ‘unverified’ statement of two masters, one of each districts that forced the department to keep transfer and adjustment orders on hold of 169 teachers. The orders were issued on July 11 and were kept in abeyance on July 14. After enquiry, the department found that the two masters with ‘unverified’ statement were transferred prematurely.

As a result of their carelessness, the department has issued a reprimand to both the CEOs with instructions to ensure that the staff statement in future is verified and validated personally before submission to the directorate.

“Under the rationalisation process, a total of 171 headmasters, masters and lecturers (95 masters, 31 headmasters and 45 lecturers) were transferred and adjusted in various government schools across Jammu province. After the orders, the directorate of school education received representations from some officials that the teachers have not completed their minimum stay at present place of posting, which forced the department to keep the transfer orders of all headmasters, masters and lecturers in abeyance,” sources reported to The Tribune.

The department after reporting the bug in statement, cleared all the irregularities and restored all the transfer and adjustment orders of all 169 teachers. Also, it directed the CEOs of all the districts of Jammu province to furnish compliance report of implementation of these orders within seven days.


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