Rescue of Mohammad Shafique, Hidayatpur, Lower Narian



Jammu :A distress call was made by the Sarpanch of Village Lower Narian to the nearest Army unit at Narian that an individual has been stranded on a small island in the middle of Naushera Tawi River since Thursday evening. The unit immediately responded and a team comprising of an officer, one JCO & 20 Jawans ( Internal Security Column) reached the spot where the incident was unfolding. The river was in full spate and attempts were made to cross the river using fixed lines which came undone. The higher formation was informed of the situation & they contacted their superior authorities in no time. A requisition was also given to Indian Air force to evacuate the individual with the grid references as well as latitude & longitude of the spot, however, due to inclement weather the clearance was not accorded to them.

The following day, a team of Special forces of Indian Army were called from Naushera for recce of the area where the individual was stranded. A joint recce was carried out by Special forces & Infantry battalion wherein it was decided that the rescue attempt would be made in the evening when the water level would go down. An OBM was used with the raft being harnessed with heavy duty nylon ropes. The raft was let loose upstream with individuals from both units trying to control it from flowing away by slowly releasing the nylon line. When the raft was perpendicular to the stranded individual, it was powered towards the island by the persons sitting in the raft. As soon as it reached the island, the stranded individual was pulled inside the raft. The team then started to pull the raft back towards the safety of own side against the flow of current. With a lot of effort by the persons, the raft was pulled back safely. The RMO gave him immediate first aid & treated him for trauma.

The rescued individual & his relatives were elated and thanked the Brave Indian team for their effort. The Sarpanch of the village also appreciated the hard work of the men who put their personal safety to total disregard and saved this precious lives. In OP MEGHRAHAT Indian Army has had many such opportunities to save lives from near certain death. Our jawans and Officers are leaving ni stone un turned to save lives of its AWAM IN J&K.OP MEGH RAHAT IS IN FULL FLOW INDEED.

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