Resentment brewing in Jammu over plans to abandon Tawi Lake project


Strong resentment in brewing in Jammu once again after the state government gave indications that the prestigious Tawi Lake project is likely to be abandoned as it was not feasible. The statement in this regard has come from no else but the CM which means that the state government would be very serious in damning the artificial dam on river Tawi which promised to build a beautiful lake over the river, and also add immensely to the beauty of the city of temples.

If the government abandons the project at such a late stage then it puts a question mark on the technical ability of the engineers, and officials who approved the project in the first state. There are also allegations that a former minister had approved this project just to ensure that vast tracts of land which he had managed to purchase on the Tawi banks would witness price appreciation if the Tawi lake project took off. Now the problem is that people of Jammu also identify with this project because they have been shown the dream of how this lake, and river front will transform the looks of the city. The previous government had repeatedly said that this project would create a world class facility but the sudden volte face will certainly anger the vast majority in Jammu, who are already unhappy with the performance of the present government over it’s Kashmir centric agenda.

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The Congress has meanwhile attacked the government, and alleged that BJP was breaking it’s promises made to the people of Jammu as it has not been able to do anything which was promised during the elections.