Residential colonies being built on agricultural land under the nose of administration

JAMMU: Residential colonies are being constructed on Agricultural lands in the areas of MUD and Raipur. While government and Revenue department lay sleeping these, Residential colonies are being built at an alarming speed at various places throughout the constituency. This directly affects the agricultural output of the state.

Local residents have expressed  their concern regarding construction of these illegal colonies. “It’s sad how people want to earn easy money by selling their agricultural land instead of working hard on field”, said a local. Moreover, they stated that today’s youth doesn’t want to work hard for a living as a farmer and is only interested in minting easy money by selling these lands.
The locals fear that if Administration and government will not take any action against illegal selling of lands, many more farmer will sell their land which in turn may affect the agriculture sector of Jammu and Kashmir.
While speaking to authorities teshildar  Mr. Babu Ram Chowdhary confirmed that they have reports regarding building of three residential colonies on agricultural lands and construction had been stopped, appropriate action have been taken against them, he said. He also assured people that building of residential colonies on agricultural land will not be taken and strict action will be taken against thoes who will or try to violate the law.

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