Residents of Rajinder Bazar exhort custodian to dismantle dilapidated haveli

jammu3The residents of the historic Rajinder Bazar in Jammu are demanding the dismantling of a dilapidated building which is said to be more than one hundred and fifty years old. Residents held a protest against the Custodian department for failing to take any action as the building is posing a serious threat to the residents of the area.

Residents said the old building at EP 1276, Rajinder Bazar, Gali Patoian is in very bad shape, and needs to be dismantled at the earliest or else it could lead to a major accident. A strong protest by the locals including children, and women of the area was lodged as they said that despite repeated pleas, and reminders the custodian department has remained a mute spectator. The building has multiple cracks, and bricks and other materials keep falling from the roof which could prove fatal as many children play in and around this building.

At present no one is occupying the building, and despite that the authorities are taking no action which could put the lives of the neighbours in danger, allege the locals. The protesters threatened to intensify their agitation if action was not taken at the earliest.

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