Respect for Jammu, Ladakh; equality in development should be the mantra of BJP-PDP Govt

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Pakistani-refugees-in-Jammu-to-vote-for-BJPThe delay in formation of coalition government, and the anti-Jammu sentiments prevailing in Kashmir valley have led to the formation, and emergence of Jammu Pradesh United Front which comprises of various stakeholders, political groups, pressure groups, and NGOs from Jammu region. The goal is to oppose the hegemony of Kashmir, and also to pitch for reorganization or trifurcation of the state. In a related development even political parties like Bahujan Samaj Party who have not been able to win seats in the elections but do have supporters, and voters across Jammu region have demanded that Chief Minister of the state should come from Jammu. The aim is also to put pressure on the BJP not to compromise too much while dealing with PDP, whose only goal is to keep it’s constituency in Kashmir satisfied. The JPUF also wants to challenge the Kashmiri groups, and civil society which has a bias torwards separatism, and practice pro-Pakistan politics which is a bane for the state, and a liability of the Indian nation.

The front has also urged the BJP to ensure that key demands like abrogation of Article 370, renaming the state, and also settlement of West Pak refugees should not be put on backburner. It is also demanding that rights which have been denied by the Kashmir centric parties to Scheduled caste, Scheduled tribe, and OBC population of the state should be given to them as per the constitution of India. The BSP, which is also a part of the JPUF along with 15 other groups, says that it is demanding trifurcation of state on the basis of geography because the needs, demands, and aspirations of the people of three regions is total different. While Jammuites, and residents Ladakh want better connect with Union of India, and assimilation of the state into national mainstream, the Kashmiris are totally opposed to this. They want to have a separate state, and some even want to go to Pakistan, says one of the JPUF activists, adding that the people are not on the same page here. Notably, BSP has been demanding the division of state for last several years, and it had even tabled a resolution in the Parliament in support of the demand. There is a prevailing sentiment for equality among the three regions of the state.

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The conduct of the Kashmir centric parties, and their opposition to give due share to people of Jammu, and Ladakh, and vehement opposition to the idea of a CM from Jammu has once again forced the political parties in Jammu to raise the banner of revolt against Kashmiri leadership. The assertion of some Kashmir based leaders that the CM of the state can only be from Muslim community has been the final nail in the coffin, and it has angered the masses across the state. The people have seen through the game of Kashmiri political parties, and now want an equal share for Jammu in the scheme of things, and if this does not happen they will be forced to demand a separate state for Jammu and Ldakah.