Rest is a luxury for the rich; for the poor are overloaded


Jammu and Kashmir News

There are random observations that might help explain the mental processes that go on when we see someone less fortunate. We look at the academic problems of poverty and have no idea of the why. We know the what and the how, and we can see systemic problems, but it’s rare to have a poor person actually explain it on their own behalf.
Rest is a luxury for the rich. You have to understand that the hapless people know that they will never not feel tired and will never feel hopeful and probably will never get a vacation. “Free” only exists for rich people.

It can be evidently seen that the guy is overloading while on his motorbike and nobody seems to have questioned him. This raises two questions, one that the traffic keepers are highly ineffective and least bothered to even question a guy who manages to carry such huge amount of loan on a two-wheeler, which actually is dangerous, and secondly, that the man probably isn’t resourceful enough to hire someone to carry the load for him. The latter situation shows that even after affording a motorbike, which is a luxury for most people, many are not yet able to support themselves, this possibly even reflects the social status and barrier that they experience.
This is a huge societal problem, and we’re just starting to come to grips with all the ways that a technological revolution and globalization have vastly increased inequality. You cannot blame your average citizen for those things. Nor can you blame individual companies – it is how we, collectively, have decided to do things.
We got here partially because of bad policy decisions and partially because of factors nobody could have foreseen.

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