ReT Teachers enjoying General Line posts; General Line teachers Miffed


Jammu, May 4: The state government is yet to take a decision over Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers going back to their original places of postings. As a result, the general line teachers, mostly recently appointed are working against master grade posts forcibly.

Since these teachers are working against Master Grades,  the Education Department is not able to pay their salaries either.

In 2014, the Omar Abdullah-led government had allowed some ReT teachers to take over the posts of general line teachers. The order was termed against the basic fundamentals of the ReT scheme by the Mufti Government but no decision was taken to change it. The ReT teachers are still enjoying postings that are meant for general line teachers.

It is difficult to understand why the state government has not been able to take a decision so far to send back ReT teachers to their original places of posting as their appointment was conditional and they had to stay on their original postings till promotion to master grade.

In the recent past the ReT teachers had strongly protested the screening test that the Mufti government decided for them.

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