Return to Kashmir else your husband’s head will be chopped off

 A woman from Rajasthan’s Sikar District has alleged that a few men in Kashmir have abducted her husband and she has been receiving threatening calls from them now.
In a complaint to the district SP and collector, the woman, Guddi, tells, “I am getting regular threat calls on my phone that my husband’s head will be chopped off if I don’t go to Kashmir.” The abductors have also threatened to throw his body on the railway tracks if she fails to come, she adds.
Image Courtesy: Online Media
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She also alleged that along with her husband, three other men from Sikar have also been abducted.
Guddi had visited Anantnag along with her husband to work in a brick kiln, along with 10 more people where they got 50,000 Rs. Later they met two men named Parvez and Mohideen who assured them another deal and took them to the work site. A few of them started working there but after finding things suspicious, they returned to Rajasthan.
On seeing them leaving the work, Parvez and Mohideen sent the men away to some unknown location. A few managed to run but her husband and three other are still in their custody. Guddi also alleges that they snatched her husband’s phone and since then she has been unable to reach him. She further added that the abductors continuously warn her that is she doesn’t return to Kashmir, her husband will be beheaded.