REVEALED: Connection between Braid Chopping Incidents and terrorism in Valley (Watch Video)


October 02: In a Fresh audio clip, the commander of Hizb ul Mujahideen, Riyaz Naikoo has expressed anguish and concern over the braid chopping incidents taking place throughout Kashmir.

Naikoo has held the Indian agencies responsible for the chopping and said as militants have went underground the agencies are frustrated. “They want people to doubt everyone and raise noise if militants arrive in any house so that they can trap militants”, Naikoo said.

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He said it is grave issue and Kashmiri nation will not tolerate that the braids of mothers and sister are being chopped.

Naikoo is heard saying, “I will be proud to die while saving the braid of women, I will be happy to face the bullets of the enemy while saving the hair of one Kashmiri girl.”

“India and Local Government will not save us from Braid Chopping, The people who sold their conscience to be in power will not bring any justice” ”Naikoo said.

He said PDP is responsible for bringing the RSS and Bjp into Kashmir.

Naikoo also said that the Indian state is making attempts to keep Kashmiris engaged, sometimes in the form of NIA and sometimes in the form of braid chopping as India knows that the love for freedom struggle is on escalation.