Revealed: Who spread the ‘Fake’ School Bus Accident Rumor and Why?


Rajouri: Yesterday a news went viral on social media and triggered  Panic all across the state that a children school bus on its way to picnic has fallen into a deep gorge and over 40 children were feared dead. As soon as the news broke out to administration the whole administration was in action to find out what actually had happened, soon DC Rajouri announced on his twitter account that the news is fake and it is just a rumor.

Today a magisterial probe has been ordered, The speculation is that it couldn’t be just a rumor. Someone did spread this rumor on purpose to distract the police and administration from their work.

As Rajouri is connected with Shopian District , Where the terror organization are most active the administration is suspicious that this might be the work of some terror organization to crate a panic like situation and to distract  police from its duty.

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