REVEALED: Zakir Musa’s upcoming plans and more


Musa May Join Hands with Zeenat ul Islam

The Intelligence Agencies have hinted that Zakir Musa and Zeenat ul Islam may join hands, as per a story published on Aaj Tak. After a New video of Zeenat ul Islam has gone viral on Social Networking, the Intelligence Agencies have been speculating that LeT is plotting to boost its new Policy. This video shows Zeenat making bread, along with his associate. There are also reports that there is a shortage of militants in the LeT, which is why it is trying to increase its module. The information is that the militant commander is making a conspiracy to increase his module of which joining hands with Zakir might be a part. The army had prepared a list of terrorists earlier this year. Most of the names have been erased in this list.

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