Revocation of Article 370 will put J&K youth on the path of greater progress, says PM Modi


New Delhi:Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir their will be lots of opportunities for the local awam.

He assures that he will make India a better place to live, study and to do business. PM Modi said that with this historic step there will be a lot of development in Jammu & Kashmir. Youth will be on the path of greater progress.

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In today’s world, any discussion or debate across various forums on development, economic growth or political stability, attention of the world is automatically attracted towards India.

Expectations from India are not only from within the country, but even in the context of global growth and development a lot is expected from our country.

In today’s world, economic growth cannot happen in a closed environment. Open minds and open markets will ensure that the youth of the region will put it on the path of greater progress. Integration gives a boost to investment, innovation and incomes.

Investment needs certain conditions: stability, market access, predictable laws being some of them.

The recent decision on Article 370 has ensured all these are present and so investment will definitely flow, especially since the region offers investment opportunities in various domains like tourism, agriculture, IT, healthcare to name a few.

This will help develop an ecosystem which will give better rewards to the skills, hard work and products of the people in the region