Rich Monsoon to create another flood like situation


Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu : For the Jammu Municipal Authorities, the problems are beginning to advance as the city is slowly becoming a trash basket with the onset of monsoons.
The people have specifically have to go through so much. With the pre-monsoon showers earlier this month, the drainage system and all other preparations ‘have gone down the drain’. The city’s seepage couldn’t bear the load of a short rainy spells and there was water everywhere. Owing to these scenes, it can be well expected that the Monsoon will bring with itself flood-like situation once again and keeping in mind the Meteorology Department’s forecast for rains this year, rains are expected to be really high.
The locals have however, started with the initiative of keeping the drains and Nullah’s around them clutter free. Recently an encroachment regime was undertaken by the JMC from Amphalla to Janipur, in order to widen the roads.
Meanwhile, the Talab Tillo Road, Canal Road, Science College, Dogra Chowk, Gumat, and B.C Road road areas have also massive encroachments which the JMC is planning to deal with next. Due to the ill-structured constructions by locals on the banks of rivers and Nullahs makes it hard for the water to drain out leading to water logging.
The residents of the low-lying areas of Canal Road, Krishna Nagar, Prem Nagar, Mohindra Nagar and Rajiv Nagar have to face unrest during the rainy season. Water gets into their houses, resulting in damage to their property.
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