Riding without the Helmet; Complaint filed against MP, MLA

Jammu, April 22: Day in and day out we see many two-wheeler drivers riding without a helmet, when it is known to be a traffic offense. Some of them get caught and while some manage to escape. The BJP MP, Jugal Kishore, was seen riding a Bullet Motorcycle without a helmet and this became a pressing issue. The MP was in Nowshera attending a party event, where he borrowed a fellow party member, MLA Ravindra Raina’s bike for a joy ride. Going down the memory lane on a Bullet, he was reminded of the childhood days and seemed pretty carefree.

BJP MLA Ravinder Raina and BJP MP Jugal Kishore riding bike without helmet

To this, the Youth Panthers Party’s member, Anil Rakwal, started an objection, wherein he filed a complaint with IG Traffic Police, Showkat Batali, quoting that the Minister had broken an important traffic law and the police should take some action against it. He also presented the photograph of the minister along with the BJP party MLA member on the bike as  a proof. He said that whether a common man breaks a law or any political personality, law enforcement should not be biased. According to him, this is not the right kind of example to be set for the public.

In their defence, the owner of the bike, also a BJP Karya Karta, said that such loud talk is nothing short of Cheap Politics that the Panthers Party has adopted. According to him, the Minister hardly drove a few miles and was in the middle of a public event. It was a simple childhood liking that the Minister wanted to address. The Panthers Party, it seems, has fallen short of controversies.

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