River rafting coming to Jammu?


Jammu and kashmir is known for it’s beauty and the hilly terrain is a treat for evry adventure entusiast. While, kashmir and Ladakh have various adventure spots, Jammu is lagging way behind in this particular aspect.

While rumors were rife about water rafting coming to Jammu and kashmir, this recent development sure offers a hint of what is coming.

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Today, jammu and kashmir tourim department took a test run in Chenab Waters. As per confirmed sources, the trials have been successful and sources suggest that rafting will soon be functional under an official banner in Jammu.

Team R&D tourism department, SSP Rural, SDM Akhnoor and SDPO and SHO Akhnoor were a part of the trials.

So adventure enthusiasts can buckle up as there is this new hot spot for you all!


The rare sight of people wearing bright orange helmets and life jacketsattracted a large crowd of spectators on the banks of the river.

They encouraged, applauded and shouted as the team appeared to disappear into the rapids before emerging from the spray of waters along the flow of the river.

Though participation in this high-risk adventure sport requires high initiative and bravado, it will surely promote streak of adventure and boost the self-confidence of youth in remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

It will highlight Akhnoor township on the national calendar and would usher in development in the area.