Road from Panama Chowk to Narwal accident prone and wrecked


By CJ Amaya

Pictures by Sandeep

The road beneath the railway bridge on the way to Narwal from Panama Chowk is completely wrecked and is resulting in an accident prone area. Government should pay some attention to prevent any future hazard. The road has uncountable potholes and that further emanates in a worse condition  during the rains. Because of the recent floods in the state that area encountered more damage and resulted in consecutive traffic jams as well causing problems to the public. The rules are being overlooked as the pillars prohibiting the entry of bigger vehicles are not under any scrutiny and heavy vehicles like trucks easily pass from the road which is meant for light vehicles and that too is another cause of blocking and accidents in the specific area. There is no supervision on that road and even the two lane dividers are facilitated improperly,the divider is not noticeable and results in a chaos during certain situations. The road needs to be improvised and government should take measures before any extensive mishap occurs. The division should be made prominent so that the two lane system could work with less chaos, construction should be initiated to prevent any further damage of the road.

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