Roads Blocked in Jammu – Dance ka Bhakt, Piyush Bhagat is home!


The rockstar from Jammu is back in town. Yes! We are talking about the dancing sensation from Jammu, Piyush Bhagat. Piyush recieved overwhelming welcome when he reached Jammu airport at 2 pm today. The Jammu lad seemed enthusiaistic about his visit to the city of temples.

Piyush is already a part of the top 8 brigade in the reality show Dance Plus which is being telecasted on Star Plus.

While all looks celebratory and fun, it wasn’t quite so. The roads got blocked, their were jams in part of the city as everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the young heartthrob.

Here are a few images –

Piyush Bhagat 1 Piyush Bhagat 2 Piyush Bhagat 3

Piyush Bhagat Jammu 4

piyush bhagat jammu dance plus

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