Roads Jammed with traffic and overflowing with water? What sort of planning is this JMC?


Once upon a time, Jammu used to have a decent drainage system. The reason for such a dramatic opening here is because no matter how much it would rain, the water would drain within minutes. And this was a fact just until 5 years ago. Water Logging was never a big issue in most urban areas of Jammu city but in the last few years, thanks to the seemingly terrible planning by the Municipality of Jammu, within minutes of rain, you can see WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE.

If inquired, the standard response to this would be that population has gone up in the last two decades and the by-products such as development of more public and private properties among other factors, is the major cause for drainage problems. The drainage systems are working over capacity and have not been upgraded. The simplest but most important measure around this problem was the timely upgradation of the drainage system in Jammu specially since development has increased at a frantic pace.

Have a look at some of these pictures to have a fairer idea about the state of commuters travelling from the City area to the other side of Bridge into Gandhi Nagar.


This is a picture near GMC Jammu and the lack of traffic management (rains mean no traffic cops obviously) is the other problem.

Traffic Rain

You can see the state of the flyover next to GMC. Would you believe this state of traffic 5 years ago?

Traffic Rain

And in this picture you can see the Water Loggin even on the GMC flyover. Do you not think that something in fact is wrong with this?

Traffic Rain
Water Logging on GMC Flyover

Panama Chowk is one of the most common areas with water-logging problem. The water flows in from the uphill linking road to Narwal by-pass. People are so wary about the poor state of roads that the presence of a ditch becomes their fear.


Traffic Rain

You can easily see the water on the road in this one. This is also near Panama Chowk while coming in from the university side.

Traffic Rain