Robbery at retired School Principal’s house in Trikuta Nagar

Jammu, July 27: Two theives in their attempt to rob the empty house of a retired principal in the Trikuta Nagar area of Jammu was caught by the neighbors red handed. However, one of them was successful in fleeing, the mob got hold of the other one.

Vijay Lakshi Gupta, resident of house no. 50, sector no. 4, Trikuta Nagar, who is a retired School Principal, was not at home, when the two thieves entered the unattended house. The immediate neighbors got suspicious of the movements going on in the house, since it was locked on the outside. To this, the men in the sector gathered around the house and waited for the thieves to come out. As soon as the two burglars crossed the wall and came out, the men waiting outside jumped onto them and caught one of them, while the other one ran away.

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