Rohingyas being availed Aadhar Cards; Govt. officials involved

Jammu — In past many months, BJP and JKNPP have protested and asserted that insidious forces within the leadership have clandestinely aided to accommodate these immigrants in Jammu with an ulterior motive to change the demography of the region. Defence experts have cited this as a ‘Ticking time bomb’ for the residents of Jammu as it poses threat to the internal security and social & economic fibre of the region. So far,  PDP has dealt in statistics as a subterfuge to dampen the emerging voices across the State.

 Valid Aadhar card for Refugees


Amid  brewing controversy of settlement of Rohingya in Jammu, a new episode has brought the alleged reports come true. A plethora of requests are being received by the local shop owners from Rohingyas to issue PAN cards, SIM cards and even Passports! At a Khidmat Centre in Bathinidi area of Jammu, Rohingyas visit on an everyday basis to collect their copy of Aadhar Cards and apply for others. “I was taken aback at the time of biometric verification to see that a valid Aadhar account with all the necessary details existed in the database of the system already”, said one of our sources. It is palpable that the Aadhar card has been obtained by illegal means aided by miscreants within the Govt agency and local people. A permanent proof of residence is compulsory in order to obtain an Aadhar card. The veracity of alleged violation of rules is proved by the fact that these Rohingyas hold both UNHCR Refugee cards and Aadhar cards in their name, which cannot sustain together! The source added, “This has been going on for months. We are obliged to print and handover  Aadhar cards to them because they have a valid registration at the system back-end.”  Another shop owner told, “I have witnessed a lot of Rohingyas come here to avail post-paid SIM cards.” It is pertinent to note that as a lot of Govt. provisions are directly linked to Aadhar card which acts as a proof-of-identity to avail other facilities, these refugees can easily benefit on par with other citizens of the country and residents of the state. The shop owner added, “I, myself, have collected scans of over 40 such Aadhar card holders who have taken SIM cards from his shop in past couple of weeks.  I am obliged to abide as they have a registered Aadhar account but over time I have grown more concerned and apprehensive.”

Govt. agents are at work

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