Rs 1.35 lakh-cr financial package to be announced soon

Jammu, September 07: The much awaited financial package of Rupees 1.35 lakh crore is speculated to be announced soon. Although the central government has not taken any decision on the announcement of package but official sources have revealed that the file has reached Prime minister’s office and he will soon form a final decision on it.

As per the inputs in The Tribune, the announcement of package of amount 1.35 Lakh Crore will gratify the rehabilitation of victims of devastating floods which happened last year and will also cater to different development projects in education, health, public works, tourism, urban development, roadways and renewable energy sectors.

This financial package has been expected since the formation of coalition government of PDP and BJP in the state. The government has faced a lot of pressure from all fronts to get the package for flood victims announced as soon as possible.

Also, the High Court has asked the government to explain its position on financial package for flood victims. The Opposition has also questioned the present government on the proposed package and a strike call has been given for today, to mark the failure of the government in failing to get money from the Centre.

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