Rs. 669.36 cr HT/LT system upgradation under execution in Srinagar

Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh today informed the House that Receiving Station at Bhagwan Pora in Eidgah constituency would be constructed under R-APDRP adding that for the purpose the land acquisition is under process. He said the feasibility for construction of Receiving Station at Noorabad is yet to be established.

Replying to a question by Mr. Mubark Gul, the Deputy Chief Minister said that in Eidgah constituency the department has improved HT/LT network by way of installing of 65 poles and 7.82 kms of conductor under the HT/LT scheme at a cost of Rs. 21.58 lakh in a phased manner during last three fiscals.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that besides this, HT and LT system shall be upgraded under R-APDRP which is under execution in Srinagar city at a cost of Rs. 669.36 crore.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that technical feasibility is being determined for augmentation on the basis of registered road in the areas. He said, however, the department has also taken up the job of framing HVDS system under RAPDRP-B in which transformer capacity would be augmented. He said the job stands allotted to M/S EMC for installation of HVDS system and insulating the system fully so that the AT & C losses are brought down to 15% under RAPDRP-B. He said most of detoriated poles and conductors would be replaced.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that in past three years a number of augmentation / creations have been done in Eidgah constituency which includes creation of 250KVA/Stn at Gulzarbal, augmentation of 250KVA to 400KVA at Wangipora Grid, augmentation of 250 KVA to 400 KVA at Ration Ghat Wanganpora, creation of 100 KVA/Stn at Noush Colony Tengpora, Bakshipora, creation of 250 KVA S/stn at Sangam, creation of 63 KVA  S/stn at Kousar Colony Palpora, creation of 100 KVA S/stn at Sheikhpora Palpora, augmentation of 250KVA  to 300 KVA at Shunglipora, augmentation of 100 KVA to 250 KVA at Kreshbal, augmentation of 400 KVA to 630 KVA at Firdous Colony and augmentation of 63 KVA to 100 KVA at Sangam.