RSS questions BJP about going soft on PDP, ideology for the sake of power in J&K


The formation of BJP-PDP government in Jammu and Kashmir today hit a minor roadblock after the RSS today questioned the Amit Shah led party of it’s soft-pedalling of the Kashmir based, and Kashmir centric party which is increasingly playing hard to get as an alliance partner. The RSS today raised questions pertaining to BJP’s stand on the Article 370, and how the party should keep the core ideology in context while forming the government in J&K.

The BJP on it’s part clarified that the the Common Minimum Programme would be a comprehensive document which will be taking care of all the sensitive issues. But obviously there are sharp differences between the parties on key issues because of which no timeframe has been fixed by either of the party to form the government. It was being speculated that the new government in J&K could assume power around February 23 but under the current situation it seem not plausible. Senior RSS leader Inderesh Kumar, who has worked for a long time in Jammu and Kashmir, and especially in the Valley today said that both the parties were becoming brotherly, and the issues which crop up in government formation would be resolved once the process is complete. He also asked whether a separate state, flag or separate constitution would guarantee development and jobs to people thus raising the hackles in the PDP. Putting a question mark on the separatist politics of the PDP, he also asked whether people will get education and jobs from it. Inderesh went on to the extent of saying that people of Jammu and Kashmir should look at Delhi, and no Islamabad, addig that it was ballot, and not bullet which had made these elections, and their choice a success.

The BJP which is trying to accommodate the PDP as much as possible is also now worried that there could be a backlash in Jammu if too much space was given to the Mufti led party which is increasingly hardening it’s stance in negotiations. The BJP state leaders have also pleaded with the central leadership to take their concerns in account while negotiating the deal with PDP.

Apart from the local population, and state leadership the RSS which is the primary ideologue for the saffron party is also upset over the possible compromise which the BJP leadership is about to make in order to form government in J&K.

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav has said that they are trying to form a comprehensive CMP, and downplayed the different voice coming from the Sangh. He however agreed that there are people in the party who could have different views on the subject, and this is the reason statements are coming from leaders who do not have knowledge about the issues involved.

The PDP on the other hand has asserted that talks are on but sources said that the party will stick to it’s demands on Article 370, AFSPA, West Pak refugees, and talks with Pakistan.

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