Rules are not for government vehicles, Sir Ji!

By Citizen Journalist Sukreet Gupta
If you are a proud owner of a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler in Jammu, you would have definitely visited the RTO for getting the number plate which the government has been promoting as the high security number plate. Once you have this high security number plate, your car can be traced from any location. This is what the government claims but the real functionality of the chip has been debated far and wide to arrive at the conclusion that the success of the HSNP is questionable.
Success or no-success not withstanding, the civilians are meant to get a number plate from the RTO or else, one can be fined as soon as spotted.
Now in this picture, you see a Govt. vehicle without a High security Number plate and the registration number shows the M series which is less than a year old. The question is if we actually need to install HSNP to our vehicle?
Or if the rule is for the general public only?

JK GOvt Vehicle Number PLate

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