Vague rumours fueling the muddled political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir


By Pawas Verma

With impasse over the alliance of the governments in the state, vague rumors have added more fuel to this delayed hindrance in the current political scenario.

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While no government is reaching any concrete solution, people are being fed on the desired rumors of coalition between the parties. Despite the numerous options available the governments have still kept their decisions veiled in secrecy.

From the very first day after the results, desolate speculations were out in the wild causing anxiety to some and discontentment to the rest. Omar Abdullah had met BJP leaders in Delhi, according to one news segment and the matter was clarified with the cloaked rage and despair in his tweets over the huge loss, saying that the news is baseless. So was said by Ram Madhav on twitter on December 24.

As per the young Abdullah scion, he had gone to Delhi only to prepare for his London trip to see his father who recently went through a surgery. “All camera crews outside my home (in Srinagar) are going to be very disappointed when I leave Srinagar tomorrow having met no one interesting here (in Delhi)”, depicted his next tweet.

All such speculations further fired the rumor of BJP and NC coalition on numerous social networking sites followed by a tweet settling the heated hearsay, “So many stories doing the rounds about a BJP-NC deal. Let me say this as strongly as possible that there is no deal or any discussion going on.”

The wide-spread tittle tattle of PDP and NC joining hands, causing even more dubiety was followed by another tweet from Omar saying, “Denying stupid rumors is fast becoming a full-time job.”

Within a few minutes Omar’s twitter account clarified the obscure report of NC having given written assurances to the PDP depicting that PDP was only playing “mind games.”

The rumors also pounced PDP and its leaders, when the social media droned with the news that party patron Mufti Mohommad Sayeed was departing for Delhi to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to seal the deal on the government formation in J&K. The rumors also added that the party was eager to enter into an alliance with the BJP and reach a settlement.

Seeing the reputation of PDP getting sabotaged with such speculations, Mehbooba Mufti propelled party’s Chief spokesman to articulate party’s viewpoint in the media. “In the prevailing hazy political scenario, unqualified comments in the media only add to the confusion and fuel wild speculations,” she added.