SAC asks officials, legislators to use Govt accommodation, facilities as per law


THE GOVERNOR ADDRESSING ON THE EVE OF INDEPENDENCE DAY-14Even as government formation has reached the final stages but still the State Administrative Council is keen on streamlining rules and regulations that could bring some normalcy in the way administration functions. It also has sent a message against the misuse of resources of the state by corrupt and inefficient officials.

The SAC has called for streamlining the use of government accommodation, telephones and vehicles. There use has been rationalized as per Standing operating procedure so that these facilities are not misused. Rules in this regard already exist in the statute book but these are not observed by officials particularly the powerful and influential officials. It has been made clear that government officials and ministers, legislators can not enjoy government accommodation after their tenure expires and there is no provision for enjoying free accommodation permanently.

While SAC has made rules for those who will use these resources in future but it has not taken a decision on the existing violators of these rules, and what punitive action should be taken in this regard. Unless the SAC takes action against existing violations, and those who misused the facilities a message is not going to reach the officialdom.

People in the state already think that rules are made for the masses and meant to be broken by the rich and powerful high class. There have to be clear guidelines regarding the use of precious government facilities that cost the tax payer a lot.


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