Sadhotra urges Dogras to encourage their children to speak in Dogri


JAMMU: Minister for Planning Ajay Sadhotra today urged upon Dogras to encourage their children to speak in Dogri, so that this sweet and beautiful language thrives in future.
He was speaking at a cultural Programme organised by Progressive Youth Society (Regd,) Ramnagar in Phallain Mandal here today. The programme was organized in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Government of India aiming to promote dogri language in the society.
The Minister called for collective efforts to promote Dogri culture and language. He also said that every language has its own history and relevance and all efforts should be made to preserve the composite culture and languages of the State.
The Minister said that need of the hour is to preserve our culture and we should inculcate moral values and create interest in our children so that they carry forward the rich heritage of Dogri culture.
He also stressed the need to speak Dogri language at houses so that children get acquainted to their mother language adding that younger generation has to play a pivotal role in preserving the rich culture and help it flourish.
Mr. Sadhotra appreciated the Progressive Youth Society for organizing such cultural items in Marh which not only entertain the locals of the area but also educate them about various moral values of life.
Cultural groups enthralled the audience by presenting dogri dance, skits, etc which were highly appreciated by all.

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