Salman Khan breaks his fans phone into pieces for a Bizarre reason

MUMBAI, Sep 0 4 : Everything that is related to Salman Khan makes news! His fans are obsessed about his personal life, his behavior as much as they are crazy over his films.

However, this shocking incident that happened at an award function will make his fans think thrice before approaching him unnecessarily. Salman Khan took a fan’s phone and smashed it into pieces! Well, before you judge bhai for doing that, look at what the fan did in the first place.

As reported in a popular magazine, Salman Khan was having a chilled out time with his pals in an event. However, an enthusiastic fan went upto him and claimed that his phone was ‘unbreakable’. But the story isn’t done yet…

This fan of bhai had some new phone and he could not stop gushing about the extra ordinary features that it carried. One of the features was that it was ‘unbreakable’.

The fan ran upto Salman Khan and started boasting about this feature. Salman, who was peacefully chatting with his friends, just smiled and returned to his friends. However, the fan had no chill! He kept on telling Salman Khan about the phone and then it was high time!

Salman Khan took the phone and smashed it on the ground only to find it intact. He tried again and again but the phone refused to break.

By then, the crowd gathered and cheered for Salman Khan encouraging him to break it and Salman Khan finally broke it into pieces. He then smirked and asked the fan, ‘unbreakable phone?’ Well, we wonder why the fan went boasting about his phone in the first place!

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