Salman Khan: Those who order wars should be given guns and made to fight


In statements that might trigger another controversy when India’s relations with Pakistan are at a new low, superstar Salman Khan today called for peace since both sides lose lives in a war, which therefore cannot be a sensible move.
“War is not a sensible move. Nobody benefits from a war,” the 50-year-old actor said at a press conference in Mumbai. “There should be peace with Pakistan,” he said.
The superstar said, “Those people who order war, they should be given guns and made to fight. Within a day, all conflicts will get over as their legs will start shaking.”

“In war, the armies of both sides lose their lives. The families are without their sons or their fathers. They have to live their whole lives without them,” he said.
Speaking on his much-anticipated Tubelight, releasing at the end of this month, Salman said the film touches on relations with Pakistan and refers to wars without going into its details.
“We have not touched on the details of war in the film Tubelight. We have just used it as a backdrop. We’ve just gone into the fact that wars should end soon and our soldiers should return and their (Pakistan’s) soldiers should also go back home to their families,” he said.
Salman’s younger brother and co-star in Tubelight, Sohail Khan, said, “Ask someone if a war is good or bad. I don’t think anyone will say a war is good. When you can discuss the conflict across the table, why go to war? It is a negative emotion. No one has supported it, but it still happens, and no one knows why.”
The diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan are strained. India has repeatedly accused Pakistan of funding terror and protests against the army in Jammu and Kashmir as well as ceasefire violations along the Line of Control.