Salman Verdict- What is your take on court’s decision?


The Dabang Khan of Bollywood was today convicted by a Mumbai court on the charge of culpable homicide and has been announced five years of jail. The verdict of the 49 year old actor has mustered a mixed reaction of approval and support as well as dissent and criticism. We tried to gauge the reaction of the people of Jammu and here is a glimpse of that



I appreciate the court’s decision but the only thing I still disapprove is that the court took 13 years to ensure justice. It should have happened earlier, he was guilty but his fame and power always came to his rescue. The law still holds supreme though and I respect the verdict.

Diksha Kapahi


I am not happy with the decision. His wealth, power and his portrayal of kindness and benevolence do not make him a saint. If he is guilty, he is as culprit as others. Five years is still less. First, the court took over a decade and now that the verdict has been declared, it still does not seem fair. How convenient that he can get away with all his crimes with such ease!



It is terrible, he has helped hundreds and he is one of the rare celebrities who believe in real charity and not just publicity. I was praying for the least sentence. Guilty or not, he is a good man and no one can take that away from him. He is still our hero!



I think this verdict at least assures the integrity of law and justice. This will at least teach people to not blindly believe in entitlement and status. Finally the celebrity status goes against him but it is a pity that the court took 13 years for this.

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