Samba boy missing since last year; Why are the authorities not putting enough efforts?


Citizen Journalist Amaya

A 12 year old boy went missing nine months ago from Samba and he is still missing. His parents have been struggling communicating between various police offices to get some search initiated. Vishal Sharma, went missing  from near his house at Sabzi Mandi in Vijaypur on May 5th in 2014. The recovery was demanded by his parents but their efforts have likely been futile so far.


His father Rajesh Sharma said that his son went missing and I have been meeting various officials along with other local residents many a time but we are still struggling with no progress from any of the department. The police has failed to trace him and the parents too have searched everywhere but are still clueless. “The police has not been searching enough,” complained his parents.

The growing grief has been testing his parents who are having sleepless nights since the horrific day. The parents have even approached the higher authorities but unfortunately the matter is still under neglect .

As per the Police Department, they have interrogated a number of persons and have also rounded up some suspects in the case. The agony of his parents still continues to grow.

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