Sanjay Saraf  booked for circulating obscene images in a whatsapp group

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Srinagar, August 24: :A senior leader of the state was booked early this afternoon today for purposely circulating obscene images in a whatsapp group.

The national youth president of Lok Janshakti Party, Sanjay Saraf who unsuccessfully contested elections twice from Habba Kadal assembly constituency in the year 2008 and 2014, today circulated indecent photos featuring unknown young girls and a man  in a whatsapp news group run by a local English daily prompting the editor to file a criminal complaint with the police. the editor approached police station Shergari with a complaint seeking instigation of criminal procedures against the leader.

As per reported in the Kashmir Reader, Sanjay Saraf posted the vulgur pictures newsgroup from his New Delhi Mobile number 9810080610 this afternoon after which the group administrator recieved humiliating phone calls from other group members that include civil servants, teachers, hospital employees and some cops.


On the other side, when the group administrator called Sanjay Saraf, who is currently living in New Delhi, to ask about this shameful act. He declined the fact that he posted any such images in the group and filed a complaint with the Parliament Street police station seeking identification of the people who circulated images from his mobile number.

The group administrator said that images have been circulated to at least 20 groups causing immense embarrassment to him.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu