Sanklap Rally: Lal glorifies himself instead of party

Kathua, February 01: He was entrusted by the leadership to talk about party’s achievements in the centre as well as state government in front of public during ‘Susashan Vikas Sanklap Rally’ but all he did was glorify himself.

Not just the leader bragged about his achievements but he also counted achievements of previous Congress government over the BJP government in both state & the union.

The reports say that Lal Singh bored public with his long speech and also caused a rage among BJP workers who contributed a lot to make the Susashan rally successful. During the whole rally, the minister boasted about how his efforts taken during Member of Parliament, MP ( he was Congress MP from Kathua- Udhampur Constituency for 10 years) helped the inauguration of several developmental projects in Jammu.

He also lauded that the big projects of AIIMS, Kathua-Keerian Bridge, Atal Bridge, survey for new railways lines and other 5 sanctioned Medical colleges were all the result of his hard efforts, not of those who ( without named BJP government) busy in inaugurating the projects.

The former minister also made a controversial statement by saying that 24 BJP MLAs excluding him, have no self standing reputation in the Jammu province, their victory was only due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wave while all the five seats that won by BJP from district Kathua were due to his working and personal achievements during 10 year long tenure as Member of Parliament.

This statement of Lal Singh created furor among the BJP workers presented in the rally. They now want to take strict action against betrayed Ex-health minister who allegedly acted like intruder of Congress party in BJP and have habit of dominating party leaders.


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