Sapna Soni, striving to build a platform for actors in Jammu


It is not as if there are not enough faces from Jammu or Kashmir who have not made it big in tinsel town but only a few names come to mind when we talk about artists who have deliberately stayed back to try and uplift the acting scenario. This is why we would like to bring to notice Sapna Soni, who is a famous theater face in Jammu.

U4UVoice’s Citizen Journalist, Ashish Kohli has presented the details on Mrs. Soni.
Sapna Soni (8)

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Sapna Soni possesses a Bachelor’s degree in music along with diplomas in computer as well as in entrepreneurship. She wants that just as artists are known from their presence on national media channels, the artists from Jammu and particularly the Dogri artists must be known through representation in media based out of Jammu.

Along with being an artist, Sapna Soni has worked in popular MNCs in the marketing sector in Jammu itself. The actress, who is also a singer and a musician found her interests in the field of dancing in class 9. She continued this during college as well and it was during one of the festivals that she was spotted by a Door Darshan artist who offered her an acting role.
Sapna Soni (9)

Today Sapna Soni is a famous name in the field of acting in Jammu. Sadly, in her college days, her family was not supportive of her interests and life was difficult and she had to give it up. Luck had not run out on Sapna Soni, however. She was married early and her husband turned out to be a supportive man who encouraged her to take up her interests again. She started off with anchoring on Doordarshan.

Her first dogri film was ‘Aisa Pyaar Kahaan’ alongside work in tele-serials where she has worked on more than 400 episodes in Dogri, Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri in state Doordarshan. Two other movies that she has worked in are ‘Ghuggi Maar Udari’ and ‘Ma ni Mildi’. She has a role in an upcoming Dogri movie by the name of ‘Tere Jeeyan Koi Ni’.

Sapna Soni has worked extensively on Zee Tv Punjabi and was netted in an anchor-hunt contest by the channel for compering which she won. She has worked in the theater for over 10 years and has featured as the lead in multiple plays. She has worked in radio, tv and theater but her passion is television where she wants that fame must come to artists performing locally in Jammu. Sapna stresses that she would not leave Jammu even if she lands a big role outside because she wants the upliftment of the entertainment industry here.

As has been rued by many theater artists on U4UVoice, Sapna also echoes the same concern of no support from the government. She says that even the capable artists here give up because they do not get both moral and financial backing from the government and on the local level.

We wish her luck and hope that the government opens its eyes to the sad state of artists in Jammu and Kashmir.