Saw the van that drowned at Pul Doda? Army saved its passenger

Jammu, 09 April: Troops of Delta Force while returning from Pul Doda spotted a white Maruti Van which had fallen 150 meters below the road in to Chenab River.

Troops immediately moved to accident site and slided down the slope, full of loose boulders, in to the river.  With total disregard to personal safety they swam to the vehicle, rescued the two persons and moved them to river bank.

On checking both the persons, they tried to revive the more critically injured person who later succumbed to injuries. Exemplary initiative taken troops of Delta Force despite risk to their personal safety saved the precious life of one person.

Other injured person was evacuated to civil hospital with help of the locals. This act of humanity and bravery was lauded by all locals who gathered near the accident site.

Photo of Civilian Rescued by Army at Pul, Doda

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